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Violent Dating in Schools

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Dating violence is a growing problem in the 21st century and is becoming more and more common. It is happening so often around us so why aren’t we doing anything about this?

In a recent study, Molidor, Tolman, and Kober (2000) looked at the rates of dating violence for high school boys and girls, as well as the circumstances leading to and the outcomes of dating violence.

It has been discovered that 36.4% of the girls and 37.1% of the boys reported that they had experienced some physical violence in the dating relationship. The degree of violence reported differed by gender.

Teen dating violence often is hidden because teenagers typically are inexperienced with dating relationships, are pressured by peers to act violently and want independence from their parents

Dating violence is more likely to happen when the aggressor has been drinking. This often leads people to blame alcohol for the problem. Abusers themselves use alcohol as an excuse for being violent.

Physical abuse includes shoving, slapping, choking, punching, kicking, biting, hair pulling, threatening someone with a weapon, or forcibly confining someone.

Early warning signs that your date may eventually become abusive are extreme jealousy, quick involvement, mood swings, alcohol and drug use, explosive anger, or threatening.

Any threat should be taken seriously. Get help immediately when a partner threatens to use violence. It is not a joke or a game. Men who threaten will generally carry out their threats. You can get help from counsellors, women\'s shelters, teachers and a variety of community groups or call kids help line 1800 55 1800.

We can help reduce this problem dramatically by introducing school programs that warn teenagers what to do and how to react in certain circumstances.

This program has been introduce in school all across the US we should be doing the same.   We need to take action, there are too many people...


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