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German Labor Service (Video)

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During 1919, Hitler was sent to investigate a small group, which called itself the "German Workers Party".   The group mainly talked about problems like how the Jews, communists and others where threatening the master race and offered their own solutions.   Hitler suggested that the German people must unite into one to survive.   He later joined the German Workers Party and was in charge of propaganda. The party was small at first but Hitler's great skill at deliberating speeches attracted more and more listeners and it soon became a major party with many followers.

His leadership proved useful as shown in the video.   This film of propaganda showed us a profound look into the Nazi army.   Everyone sang and rejoiced during the "inspections."   They all seemed to have high respects for Hitler and his government.   Instead of knives and guns, they carried shovels since the Treaty of Versailles prevented any sort of weapon.   A feeling of unity could be felt in such an environment with over 50,000 soldiers chanting at the same time.

If a person were next to the German Labor Service, he would sure have a need to feel accepted into such a group.   An individual like Hitler could influence more people than just an ordinary leader.   A person would feel left out if he is not part of such a group.   Adolf Hitler has the power to change many people's minds and thinking with his talent and leadership skills.   It comes to no surprise why all these soldiers followed his type of thinking.


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