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Airborne Network

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Airborne networks: uses, advantages and disadvantages
      The term airborne network refers to the networking technology currently being developed and used by the United States Armed forces whereby an aircraft is used as the hub for a network. Thus the network is a mobile network that moves and shifts as the aircraft moves and shifts. This networking model has been developed majorly for the mode of warfare known as network centric warfare. As technology improves the armed forces need to make decisions based on current information. Airborne networks provide the forces in a battlefield with up to date information concerning any situation that may be important to the armed forces.
      This networking architecture and model was developed by the Air Force with the intention to connect the terrestrial, land and water components of any battlefield. Though developed to help the armed forces during their battles this networking model has led to the rise of airborne internet services provision model. It uses the same idea as the airborne networking but its aim is not to create private networks rather it is used to provide wireless internet services to those who have subscribed. The aircrafts are used as the hubs for the wireless internet.
      Airborne internet uses a method known as High Altitude Long Operation (HALO) networking. In this case HALO aircrafts fly around a target region to provide the wireless internet. Three aircrafts are needed in each of the regions. Each aircraft operates for 8 hours. Due to the fact that the aircrafts are specialized in the sense that they provide network services consistent update and maintenance of the aircrafts is needed. This is also true when it comes to airborne networks as used by the Air force.
Due to the sensitive nature of this network model connectivity should be a priority. The connectivity needs to be reliable and fast. It should also be secure due to the sensitive information that the Air force handles....


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