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Keys to Become the Best Basketball Player

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    Basketball, an interesting sport made by a canadian. When the game first came out, it was made for entertainment purposes only, but soon, it became far more than that.

    Basketball is such a popular game because in order to be good at it, you have to control many different aspects of the game, therefore, making the game it self difficult. Many people think that to be good at basketball is to be athletic and skilled, but been skilled and atheltic is only but 60% of the game. Few people realizes that the game is almost mainly based on psychological.

    Think of it this way. In your school or university, is there a guy on the court whose pretty much dominating everyone? Does he always seem really confident when he plays the game? Like he\'s up for the challenge when someone challenges him to a game of one on one. This is confidence. Confidence is such a important part of basketball. It\'s like the vitamin c of basketball, it allows you to play your tip top game. When you feel confident, you barely ever hold back, you know when to drive, when to pass and when to shoot. By been unconfident, you will always think that you will make mistakes, and therefore, always making mistakes.

    Next time you are on the court, look into your defender and let him know- the man he\'s guarding is far better than himself, and be confident in yourself that you can become a great player.


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