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Dachau and Auschwitz: a Comparsion

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At the beginning of the 1930s, Germany was under stress of recuperating after the First World War.   Germany was in need of a leader to lead them through the hard times of recovering after a war, with no help from other countries.   A man by the name of Adolf Hitler stepped up to the challenge.   His goal was to lead Germany out of their troubles and make them a world power.   Through this plan, many different courses of action were beginning to take place.   As part of becoming a world power, Hitler, wanted to make Germany larger and fill it with what he considered a “perfect people”.   These perfect people were those of blonde hair and blue eyes, which ironically enough, Hitler lacked.   This course of action is now commonly known as The Holocaust.   These perfect people also had to be pure, that means that no homosexuals, gypsies, nor Jews would be living in the land controlled by Germany.   To achieve this goal, Hitler and the rest of Nazi Germany, created concentration and extermination camps to put the people that did not meet the requirement of being a perfect people.   Two of these camps were named Auschwitz, which is in present day Poland, and Dachau, near Munich.

  As referred to earlier, there were two different types of camps created by the Nazis.   The first one is a concentration or work camp.   The first camp, Dachau, was created on March of 1933 and is classified as a Class I camp.   Many famous, high-level political opponents of the Nazi government were held here until the end of the war.   These camps were primarily to incarcerate communists, social Democrats, trade union leaders, spies, resistance fighters, religious dissidents, common criminals, Gypsy men, homosexuals, asocials, and anyone else who proposed as being a threat to the state.   Camp such as these did were not meant to kill every person that walked through the gates that state “Arbeit Macht Frei”, work will set you free.   Perhaps one of the biggest lies of all time, at these camps, nobody...


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