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Model United Nations

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Escalation of the Eurozone Crisis
contemplation on the Migrant Crisis.



Hitesh Singh Dang | Ankit V Kapoor
Curated by Manil S Dodani
T A L A A S H MUN 2015 | 1

Greetings Delegates!
It is our honor to welcome you to the ECOSOC of Talaash MUN 2015. For experienced
MUNers, we guarantee a great committee with a refined quality of debate and a MUN
redefining experience. We welcome the first timers and assure you that the World
Bank will give you a brilliant and interesting start to your careers.
This Study Guide has been compiled to facilitate and give you a better idea about the
agenda and the council. This Study guide will help you produce fruitful debate in the
committee. However, it has to be noted that the background guide only contains
certain basic information which may form the basis for the debate and your research.
You are the representative of your allotted country and not the HEAD of State and it is
our hope that you put in committed efforts to research and systematically grasp all
significant aspects of this broad agenda.
Our role in the committee would be to moderate you throughout the conference and
bring out the best in you. We would embolden you to expand your horizons beyond
this study guide and go into specificities of the agenda and enhance not only yours but
also the council’s knowledge on global issues.
Please make sure you are well researched and you do not stall debate in committee.
Also, do refer to the Questions to be answered and links given below. Be very thorough
with Chapter X of the UN Charter.
For further details you can reach us onAnkit V Kapoor- 8297783849
Hitesh Singh Dang- 8977861836
See you at the conference,
Hitesh Singh Dang (Co-Chairperson) | Ankit V Kapoor (Co-Chairperson)

T A L A A S H MUN 2015 | 2

1. European Union, Eurozone
The Eurozone, also called as the Euro Area, is the financial and monetary union of 17
European nations, all members of the European Union (EU). But delegates should not


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