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Offending the Lion King

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                                                          Offending The Lion King

By: Davonte Petty

Professor K.
English I
8 Oct, 2015

        Work cited Page
              Lazarus. Margaret. “All’s Not Well in The Land of “The Lion King,”’ The Prentice Hall guide for College Writers.Ed. Stephen Reid. 9th ed. Boston: Prentice Hall, 2011. 355-6, print

Margaret Lazarus, a Jewish women’s activist and American writer who studied communications at Boston University, is an Academy award winning film producer for movies in which she displays the struggles of women, minorities and gays in the media.   In ''All's Not Well in The Land of ''The Lion King''' Lazarus express her biased opinion on how ''The Lion King'' is a terrible movie that's, "Not Breaking any stereotypes." regarding race, sex choice or gender but in fact imprinting negative images in children’s heads (Margaret Lazarus).

From the beginning of Lazarus’s article, “All’s Not Well in The Land of “The Lion King”’ she is seemingly against all Disney movies, she comments on how their movies often under appreciate a women’s strength and worth.   Lazarus over exaggerates the characters in the movie without reasoning and tries to find a deeper underlying meaning to the movie.   She believes Scar, the menacing uncle and ruler when the king dies, is a gay British man, that the Hyenas, which are led by scar, are the poor blacks and where they live which is an elephant graveyard she believes to be the ghetto. Though it may be easy to draw comparison’s her statements are not supported with evidence.

                In Lazarus article she presents many fallacies she believes is displayed in “The Lion King” such as “Only those born into privilege can bring about change” (Lazarus) by saying this she disregards that although Simba, “The Lion King” did save pride land, that it is because of the lioness he knew what was happening. When the rulers of Pride land change she believes Disney is trying to represent “gays and...


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