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Translation and Function of Pun in English Advertisement

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青   岛   大   学


            题     目:广告中双关语的翻译与作用
            学     院:       外国语学院
            专     业:   英语语言文学(二专)
            姓     名:         刘润青
            指导教师:         黄振宇

2015   年   7   月   1   日

Translation and Function of Pun in English Advertisement
    In modern commodity economy society, we can see advertising everywhere. The forms of advertising are various. Advertising language is the element of advertising,and it is the main means to achieve the purpose of advertising. In advertising, people write vivid and interesting words by using sales principle, to draw the reader’s attention, stimulate their desire to purchase, ultimately contributed to the consumers’ purchase behavior. The rhetorical method of pun is a common technique in advertising creative. Pun, as the name suggests, is a language environment in a specific language to express a double meaning. Punning, a concise way to express humor and wit, is particularly favored by advertisers to enhance the appeal of language.
    I choose this thesis as my title, because I realize that there is great significance of this study.
    Firstly, advertisement is a kind of brief and clear art. Studying English ads not only helps us to develop our creation, but also cultivate our thinking and abilities of appreciating and innovating ads. On the other hand, I hope that by this chance, I can get more knowledge of the colorful essence of English, and I can enhance my comprehensive and applying abilities of oral English, and I can widen my English thinking, and I can get a relatively full knowledge of English culture, and I can train my abilities of flexible translation.
    Secondly, using puns appropriately in advertisements can enhance advertisements’ charm, bring about consumers’ imagination and consolidate their memories. Punning is a kind of play on words, which refers to a rhetoric device composed by the similarity in pronunciation and divergence in meaning, so...


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