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The Nutritional Value of Coix Seeds

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Coix Seeds Shelling Machine is a patented product of our company's own intellectual property rights. You can realize coix seed shelling, in addition to skin, sorting, re-election. The device has low energy consumption, compact structure, small footprint, whole kernel rate, high degree of automation, easy operation and maintenance features, is the current world coix seeds shelling sorting equipment. recyclable outer skin wrapped in oil, refined oil coix seed quality, greatly enhance customer benefits.
Coix seeds is one of the traditional Chinese food resources, it can be made into porridge, rice, a variety of pasta for human consumption. Especially for the elderly and is more appropriate. Sweet, light, slightly cold. Coix seeds still blindly medicinal value higher beauty food. Clinical trials demonstrated that coix seeds has some antibacterial, anti-viral effect. Long-term use can make the skin smooth and delicate, pale and shiny.

The nutritional value of coix seeds
1. Coix seeds for containing a variety of vitamins and minerals, can promote metabolism and reduce the burden of gastrointestinal effects, as a disease or illness frail patients tonic food;
2. Regular consumption of foods coix seeds chronic enteritis, indigestion embolism also effective. Coix seeds can enhance renal function, and there is heat diuretic effect, so patients also have swelling effect;
3. By modern pharmacological studies have shown that coix seeds have anti-cancer effect, the active ingredient in the anti-cancer include selenium, can effectively inhibit the proliferation of cancer cells, it can be used for gastric cancer, adjuvant treatment of cervical cancer;
4. Eat healthy coix seeds, make the body nimble, reduce the chance of cancer incidence;
5. Coix seeds contain some vitamin E, is a kind of beauty food, eat it regularly can keep delicate skin luster, eliminate acne, pigmentation, improve skin tone, and it is guided by a viral infection for starting excrescences have a...


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