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School as Organisation

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Role of Schools in National policies relating to children, young people and families:
  * All staff are expected to comply with the conditions of service, the articles of government and appropriate legislation.
  * No pupil may be refused admission or be excluded from a school simply because of a disability. The exclusion element applies to any part of school life.
  * If a pupil has developing behavioural difficulties then the school should be looking to address the needs through their SEN arrangements.
  * In order to deliver the curriculum the school is not required to make any adjustments. Each LEA will have a plan to address physical access needs over a period of time.
  * All governors are expected to contribute to the development of the schools, its strategic frame work, developing its policies, determining the character and ethos of the school.
  * All staff and Governors should have a full and active part to play in protecting our pupils from harm.
  * All staff should provide a safe, caring, positive and stimulating environment in schools that promotes the social, physical and moral development of the individual child.

The school is also responsible:
  * To provide an environment in which children and young people feel safe, secure, valued and respected, feel confident and know how to approach adults if they are in difficulties.
  * To raise the awareness of all teaching and non-teaching staff of the need to safeguard children and of their responsibilities in identifying and reporting possible cases of abuse or neglect.
  * To provide a systematic means of monitoring children known or thought to be at risk of harm, and ensure we, the school, contribute to assessments of need and support plans for those children.
  * To acknowledge the need for effective and appropriate communication between all members of staff in relation to safeguarding pupils.
  * To develop a structured procedure within the school that will be followed...


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