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"Help people with your heart not what you gain from him/her. " - Strobelights23

Strict Teachers Produce Outstanding Students

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Part A
1. I
2. B
3. A
4. D
5. J
6. C
7. B
8. B
9. It is the name of a movie
10. He was charged with turning Berlin’s tunes into full-fledged orchestral numbers
11. C
12. a. F
  b. F
  c. X
  d. T
  e. F
13. a. duck out
  b. no good
  c. continuing to plug
  d. some years ago
  e. before
  f. frequent
14. January
15. assistant
16. hummed
17. Orchestra
18. Famous
19. Performed/ played
20. been
21. he would cry
22. C
23. D
24. a. propose
  b. collaboration with
  c. songs
  d. in style
  e. era
  f. do
  g. piece
  h. vocals
  i. older
  j. moot
  k. sincerely
25. G
26. C
27. K
28. A
29. J
30. I
31. E
32. F
33. H
34. B
35. D
36. They think that because she doesn’t follow her peers’ ideas of music, fashion and social life that she isn’t worth their respect.
  (She is different from others: 0 marks)
37. a. twirl
  b. to be sin
  c. detected
38. gives smiles to people around her (L9), lets her imagination run away with her (L11-12)
39. A
40. You shouldn’t show your personality (L8)/ You must always look perfect (L19)/ You must wear the best clothes (L20) ( ANY 2
41. She says that her peers cannot think for themselves and all look the same. She compares them to robots with no feelings and cannot look inside their own hearts to see how they feel.
  (lose own personalities 1m + robots 1m/ everyone the same + robots)
42. The world is a liar (1m). what you see in the world is not reflecting the truth/ True characters are never revealed/ Things people see are unreal/ fake.
43. B
44. The gardens are famous as they said to be in harmony with the seasons, that is they match perfectly to the weather and atmosphere.(L13-14)
45. Famous or well-known/ to express by some term…/ to direct in action…
46. A. newest
  B. understated
  C. seldom
  D. vanish
47. He sees the mess disappearing 1m and says that once nature disappears it doesn’t come back easily 1m (L26-28, 29-30, 39-42)
48. Zen monks’
  9 of Kyoto’s 17 designated World Heritage sites’
  People in...


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