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Superstisious Beliefs

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Pablo, Michael Brix P.                                                                           March 19, 2010
II-34 BSE Physics

Thesis Statement: Scientific Bases of some Superstitious Beliefs
I. Introduction
II. Body
a. Superstition about eclipse
b. Scientific basis of eclipse
c. Superstition about tornadoes
d. Scientific basis of tornadoes
III. Conclusion

When there was no science as we know it today, people adhere to foretelling in preparation to a predicted future. They are fond of discovering what’s and beyond and predicts the future by observing certain signs. Those who belong in a certain group mostly have the same belief. Culture affects the belief that an individual learning. Mostly, those who belong in the same group having the same culture and share common belief. As of now, we call those as superstitions. Superstitions is a belief or notion, not based on a reason of knowledge, in or of the ominous significance of a particular thing, circumstance, proceeding, or the like, is a irrational fear of what is unknown or mysterious (Webster’s Dictionary).
According to Holbrook (1992), “Scientific literacy includes familiarity with the natural world and its unity, understanding of the key concepts and the principles of science, capacity for scientific thinking, use of scientific knowledge and ways of thinking for personal and social purposes, and technology”. From that statement, we may say that people during those times were still scientifically illiterate. They only explain things using their own point of view, supported by their religion or belief. With observing certain natural phenomena and making assumptions, they also find ways how to survive in certain instances. Sometimes, their solutions in some destructive phenomena are true. They only lack the capability to explain it in scientific way. There are scientific bases on some superstitious beliefs.
Nowadays, people are so fascinated and overwhelmed when watching an eclipse. What more on...


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