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After watching the movie “The Secret” it made me think. It showed me the purpose of living life. Often I wonder why I can’t have this and why I can’t have that. I wonder why I get mad so easily. Over and over again we try to tell people think positive when in time of a crisis, but truth is we don’t take our own advice. An analogy of the laws of attraction is a person that just found out they have cancer. They think positively and all of a sudden they are cancer survivors. We think that it is a miracle, but it’s the positive thoughts that we instill within us. What we do in life only affects you and the people around you.
I use to think that going to college was a waste of time. I also said it was a waste of money. I often told people that I didn’t have the time to attend school. My sisters were always school scholars, but I told them even without a degree I could find a high paying job. Of course this was all thoughts of negativity. I thought college was a waste of my time and money, so I didn’t attend. I didn’t care about what others had to say either. I said I could get a high paying job without a degree; I did have one, but I don’t have it anymore. This is when I realize that my negative actions and thoughts were affecting my life. I realize that although I have the experience for the job, I don’t have the degree employers are asking for so the high paying job that I desire I am not getting instead I am between jobs.


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