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The Bolsheviks

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Source I
*Source I is a message written by the district Soviet of Ural and it was sent to the Bolsheviks in Petrograd. It was written on 20th* of July 1918.
The source tells me that during the last days in which Ekaterinburg was threatened by the danger of counter revolutionaries. From my prior knowledge I know that the counter revolutionaries were the side that wanted the Tsar back in power and they were also known as the whites meanwhile the side that didn’t want the Tsar in power was the Bolsheviks and they were also known as the reds. The source goes on to say due to this the leaders of the District Soviet decided to execute Nikolai Romanov by shooting, his wife and son were apparently sent to a secure place.
Source I says that the Tsar’s wife and son been sent to a safe place but this is a contrast to source C and D which both indicate that everyone in the family had been killed including Nikolai’s wife and son, in source D Medvedev says he walked into the room he saw all the members of the Tsar’s family lying on the floor. This would mean they were all dead. Source E backs this up because according to Medvedev’s wife “they all started firing, and they killed them all”. Another source that backs this up is source G. It shows the son dying in his fathers arms. Source H also backs this up because it shows eleven victims meaning the wife and the son had to be among them.
I am surprised at this because source C, D, E and G all confirm that the Tsar’s wife and his son were killed and source I directly contradicts them.
Source A and B confirm that Tsar was killed but not the Tsarina or the son. It says in source B that there was possibly five victims


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