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Rites of Regularity

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Rene Guenon

Adherence to a regular traditional organization, as we have said, is not only a necessary condition of initiation, but it is even what constitutes the initiation in the strictest sense, as defined by the etymology of the name designates , and that as it is everywhere represented as a "second birth" or a "regeneration", "second birth" because it opens up a world to be different from that in which work is carried out of his body type, world that for him constitute the field of development possibilities of a higher order "regeneration" because this being restored and the prerogatives that were natural and normal in the first ages of mankind, when it was still not far from the original spirituality to sink more and more into the material, as it should in the course of later times, and because it is conducted primarily as a first essential step for its implementation, the restoration of the "primordial state" which is the fullness and the perfection of human individuality, living in single, central point where the invariant can then be raised to higher states.
We now need to insist still on this matter on a point of capital importance: the membership in question must be real and effective, and an alleged affiliation "ideal", as some are pleased to consider from time to time in our time is completely empty and no effect (32). This is easy to understand, since it is proper for the transmission of a spiritual influence, which is done according to definite laws and these laws, being obviously different from those forces of the world governing body, are no less rigorous, and present even with the latter, despite the profound differences between them, a certain analogy, by virtue of continuity and correspondence between all states or degrees of universal Existence. It is this analogy that allows us, for example, speak of "vibration" to Fiat Lux purpose of which is illuminated by the orderly chaos of the spiritual potential, although...


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