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Architecture of Ancient Rome

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Ancient Rome’s Architecture
The architecture has been alive since the earliest periods of time. The Roman Empire adopted Greece’s style of architecture and their techniques. With this as a basic start, Ancient Rome made its own style of Architecture.
The Roman Empire absorbed Greek influence in many ways, but mostly their architectural style. This can be seen in the Triclinium in Roman villas as a place of dinning. Not only Romans adopted Greece’s influence, but they learned the ways of architecture from their Etruscan neighbors, and forefathers.
It was kind of a need to come up with this art. As the Roman population increased, they were forced to discover new architectural ways. Vaults and arches made out of this idea a success. These constructions were produced in a small scale at first, and then the Romans proceed to build them. Some of these structures required the use of arches and concrete, which was a mixture of lime mortar, pozzolana, water, and stones. This invention helped the Romans to construct buildings that could stand on their own and support a lot of weight. Usually these buildings could reach several floors in height.
The use of arches, concrete and bricks made it easier for the building of many aqueducts, which provided water for the cities and houses, and Roman bath houses. These bath houses were domes constructions that provided a large covered public space. Wealthy Romans really enjoyed being in these public baths, and they went there very often along with their slaves so that they would some work for them.
Roman architecture was based upon Roman religion. For example the Pantheon was created for religious purposes, and it was meant for religious services as well. Other public buildings such as the Coliseum of Rome were built. This public building was used for gladiatorial contests, public displays, public meetings and bullfights. The Coliseum is one of the most impressive as famous construction of all time from Ancient...


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