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Different people can have different defi nitions of love. Some say it as the best experience of life, some say that it happens only one time while some say that after one comes another. My perspective on all these perceptions is what I intend to explain here.

Love….ya its beautiful and it's one of the most important things in life. But it has also proven to be very fatal. People have career for it, people have lost enjoying their lives, people have stopped loving themselves also. Why is it that for some there is always a end at love and fo r some there is always a new start after it?

Right now (perception can change with time) I characterize love in two ways… Cherish and Enjoy.

Cherish….a very big word indeed. For those who cherish love, there everything end with love. They are the one who don't care about anyone except love. T he people I mentioned earlier, who have lost enjoying their lives after failing in love, fall into this category. Though Love is one of the most important factor that drives life, it's not the only one. There is more to life than just love. These people fail to understand it. At the same time, these people are appreciated for their loyalty. For them love happens just once and whatever they try to get over a failure they can never come out of it. These people CHERISH being loved.

Enjoy….. an ambiguous word ….But I am talking in positive sense. For people who enjoy loving and who enjoy being loved, love is never ending. For these people every end comes with a new start. For them, to love and to be loved is at a higher level as compared to any particular individual. They enjoy each and every moment of love and tend to get over it in case of failure. As a result they don't go into hibernation for long. They come out soon with great valor.

I respect people who CHERISH love but I feel Love is to e njoy the moment so I adore people who ENJOY love……

(P.S. - Since I am talking about LOVE, I have not...


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