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Definitions in English

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Day 1 Notes (July 5, 2010)
Foreshadowing Hints about what will happen later on.
Pathos Literature evokes pity or sadness (reading makes feel sad)
Irony -Dramatic- Audience knows something that the character doesn’t.
-Verbal/Situational- Inconsistency between what you expect and what actually happens or is said. Verbal is spoken or written whereas situational is acted.
Contrast Finding the differences/similarities between two things.
Simile Comparison using “as” or “like”.
Metaphor Direct comparison. No “like” or “as”.
Personification Giving human characteristics to an inanimate object.
Alliteration Same constant sound in close proximity.   Eg. Dressy daffodils.
Assonance Same vowel sounds in close proximity. Eg. mellow wedding bells
Creates emphasis.
Cacophony Use of harsh sounding words/syllables that are unpleasant to the ear.
Euphony Use of pleasant sounding words/syllables that are pleasant the ear.
Onomatopoeia Words that imitate the sound they denote. Eg. Bang, Boo
Hyperbole Big exaggeration.
Understatement Playing down the importance of something.
Allusion Referring to a historical event, literature, famous people, theories.
Pathetic Fallacy When weather reflects the mood of characters.
Rhetorical Question Not meant to be answered, or an obvious answer.

Plot A story/story line.
Conflict Person vs. >>nature, super natural, society, self, person.
Setting Where the story takes place.
Theme Unifying idea expressed by the author.
Motif A recurring idea, pattern, or image that helps inform the theme.
Narrator 1st- I, me
2nd- You
3rd- He, she
Omniscient- All
Suspense Author uses this method to create ‘mystery’ or to keep readers entertained.
Connotation Implied meaning/meaning associated with a word
Rose – Love
Denotation Literal meaning of a word.
Imagery Figurative language that evokes a sensory experience.
Juxtaposition Placing 2 ideas beside each other that do not necessarily belong together; this creates a new meaning....


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