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Brand Free World.

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United States of America


Sub: Regarding to CHANGE people’s mindset from Brand conscious to Quality conscious.


Dear Sir,


I am an avid admirer of you as you gave the most powerful slogan of THE CHANGE to mankind. Yours slogan has ignited spark of CHANGE around the globe and this spark has given me courage to write to you.

This change has to be reflected in every sphere of life and to me this CHANGE is to remove every obstacle in path of growth of mankind.  

Sir, I am writing this mail to you as whole world seek guidance from America and if this change happened at America then it would reach to whole world very fast.

To CHANGE people’s mindset from Brand conscious   to Quality conscious

Sir I have seen at US and at India also when people go to buy any product they go by brand of product They spend more money on top brands because they understand that if they are spending more money on top brand then they get top quality. Brands got itched in memory of people and in busy life of now-a- days people just do not have time to look at product but they demand product by brand name.

But here these branded product companies do some unethical practice as they charge people more for their brand. So the same product would be of less cost if buyed without that specific brand name. Also we all know most leading brand owners have partially or fully outsourced their production to some other manufacturer at some other country. But people would not buy product of same manufacturer from where the brand owner buy, as his brand is not popular. Just see the irony that brand owner buys from manufacturer and got his brand name stamped on product and sell on higher rates then that of manufacturer.

See examples:   one shirt manufactured at some unit at India or china is available for $10. If that manufacturer comes to sell his shirt for $10 people would not buy but same shirt ;   a brand...


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