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Fashion Photography

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Fashion photography is an art career based on capturing the art of the latest fashions and designs such as, clothes, hairstyles and make-up, and jewelry. This career is known to be very captivating and lets you show your creative side. From fashion to medical, this job is most exciting and practical. This photography is usually taken in studios, and often   in outdoor locations   Not only do they just take pictures, but they use their creative minds to turn this profession into an art.

Fashion photographers are highly paid and most are very popular throughout the world. Top fashion photographers can make more than $100,000 annually and have the potential to earn in the six-figure range annually . Photographers held around 125,000 jobs in 2008. Between now and 2018 employment is expected to grow because of all the high fashions coming in the future. But fashion photographers aren't just getting paid to take glamorous pictures for magazines, they are expected find the big idea of the shoot, enhancing the designer's brand, the clothes and trends of the season.

Creativity is a must in fashion photography. Photographers must be very social, outgoing, and have to be able to work with other people. Skills with working with models is something a photographer has to have. To be a successful photographer you have to have a feel for fashion and know how to achieve that look that will catch the buyers eye. They must be familiar with the different types of photography, the expert insight of knowing what to do, have potential in the models, and know geography. Photographers need to know the different aspects of photography such as knowing the different poses that would sell the item being modeled and knowing how to work with the lighting to make the picture
Shana Brown
Art 1B
-Final Project

look better, distance, detail, perspective and have to be able to communicate your ideas. They also need to be extremely confident and have the persistence to gain the work....


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