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Once Upon a Time.

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Hi Mr. Paul Tan, as you recently have noticed, you experience feelings of weakness, breathlessness and wheezing, especially after activities like running after a bus, or climbing a flight of stairs. This is caused of your long-term smoking. In the medical report, it shows that you have been smoking for 15 years and now can smoke up to a pack a day. Eat you alive.
In my opinion, to get better, you need to stop smoking and change your lifestyle to a healthier one. If you cannot control the urge to stop smoking, you can call this number (smoking hotline) and thus they will try to help you quit smoking. Now, you need to exercise everyday to keep fit and eventually, all those symptoms will be gone. Smoking paralyzes the cilia lining in your lungs and once it is damaged, it cannot be fixed and will have permanent negative effect on your lungs, which thus leading to more health problems.You also suffer from bronchitis and thus, I recommend a natural treatment you can do at home.
  *                                                                     WAY 1  
  *       Indoor Air Quality. The first step is to understand indoor air quality. There is a wonderful book called, "How to Grow Fresh Air," by Dr. B.C. Wolverton. Dr. Wolverton studied indoor air quality for NASA in an effort to improve air quality for astronauts. The book explains, in detail, the causes of poor indoor air quality. It also explains how plants and trees clean the air. The book specifically defines which plants clean what indoor air pollutant. It is well worth your time.
  * WAY 2 2

  *   Pollution. Reduce the number of products you use that contribute to poor indoor air quality. If you own perfumes, deodorants, colognes, detergents, cleaning products, soaps, or air fresheners with synthetic fragrances, replace them with unscented versions, or use products scented with essential oils. This is the most important step! So important that if you don’t follow this instructions,...


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