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So far in the novel “Tweaked,” we meet a younger brother named Gordie. Gordie talks about his older brother, Chase, who is a drug addict.

Chase was high on drugs one night and he attacked a man named Richard Cross. I predict that Richard Cross will die later as I continue to read the novel and Chase will be charged with homicide. Since Chase is one month short of his eighteenth birthday, he will only be sentenced as a juvenile and will probably end up in prison sometime after and be put with adult offenders. Some of these adult offenders will probably include more drug addicts. I believe there is a chance that this will affect Gordie and his family.
As of right now in the novel, Chase is in prison but I think his actual intention was to be in prison. He has many enemies so perhaps prison was his idea of avoiding them.

One quote in the novel that I find interesting is “Richard Cross’ wallet was still there with no money, I don’t know what Chase wanted…” This quote tells me that Chase wanted something else and not money for his drugs. Richard’s wallet contained nothing so there must have been something else Chase was digging for.

While Chase is hungry for drugs, his dealers are hungry for money. “Mom gave Chase money for private tutoring and books, but it all went to his dealers.” This quote tells me that Chase purposely wanted to be sentenced to prison to hide from his dealers. He probably did not want to give them any more money than he already had.

One last quote that adds something interesting to the novel is “If DC and Ratchet don’t get paid, Chase will be in ‘intensive care’.” Again, this quote further proves that Chase wanted to be in jail all along. However, now that he has been released, his parents will have to deal with his problems.


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