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Why Are Blondes Better?

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Caroline VanDeMark
Professor McKay English 190
Blondes Are Better
The idea that “blondes are better” has been an ingrained perception of all people for a plethora of years now. The blonde-haired lady has been a representation of the typical, American woman for decades. Magazines, television shows, movies and even novels have portrayed the idea that being blonde is superior to all others and because of this, many European immigrants especially the Italians that were migrating to America felt completely out of place. In the anthropology, Unsettled America, the poems “Why Don’t I Speak Italian” and “Growing Up Italian” both demonstrate the depiction of blonde-haired people through the eyes of Italian European immigrants.
Blonde hair has been one of the most desired traits for women for many of years. Everything about blondes is considered perfect and good-looking. In the journal article, “The Influence of Hair Color on Eliciting Help: Do Blondes Have More Fun?” written by Samuel Joni and Michelle M. Roth of New York University believe that “the blonde woman – passive sexuality and purity – combine to bestow upon the fair haired woman a superlative premium in American society” (12). They have been affiliated with the Playboy magazine, which is the top magazine for “sexy” young females and have been the winners of about one-third of all Miss America pageants. In movies and television shows, blondes are shown as the “good guys” depicting angel, goddess or saint characters. Due to the media exposing the idea that blondes have it better, many immigrants and even Americans would strive to be a beautiful blonde. In the poem, “Growing Up Italian” written by Maria Mazziotti Gillian, the speaker was an Italian immigrant who came over to the United States of America as a young girl. When she entered the American schools, she immediately noticed she was out of place. She had dark, olive-toned skin while, “Judy, one of the girls in my class/ had honey-blonde hair and blue...


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