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College Essay for Computer Science

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It was the year 1994 when I was first introduced to a computer in school and 10 years later, i.e., 2004 I found myself pursuing Engineering program in the Aligarh Muslim University, with computer science as major.
And in those 10 years, I continued getting fascinated more and more by the extensive use of computer technologies in every walk of life.
The very first program I wrote in school was a simple BASIC one to calculate the factorial of a given number. Later on I was introduced to various high level programming languages like C, C++ and JAVA, in high school. My interest and inquisitiveness about computers and the science pertaining to the same did not seem to take a set back and that was when I decided to take Computer Science as a major in my Engineering course.
In my undergraduate studies, I was benefited from the breadth of Aligarh Muslim University's (one of the finest Institute in the country) syllabi content that gave me a comprehensive exposure to the core areas of Computer Science and a strong conceptual understanding of the same. The course curriculum kept me extensively engaged in subjects such as Compiler designing, Networks (my personal favorite and area of research), Database management, Data Structures, Operating Systems, microprocessors, Computer Architecture, Computer Graphics and several other programming languages. One constant factor throughout my course of study was my interest in getting to the depth of every topic I studied.
Besides theoretical work, I gained practical knowledge in Computer Science through internships and various project works. The first project I undertook was the implementation of Client Server Model for enabling file transfer and instant messaging in LAN connected areas. The project was developed in JAVA. The interesting feature of this project was to facilitate constant communication availability with the server as well. While undergoing this project, I developed an indomitable interest in various types of Computer...


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