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The day that I was born my father was the first person to hold me in his arms. He is the only reason that I am here today striving forward for my future. My father is an admirable, courageous, and respectful man. He never used violence as an answer but he would always talk about what I have done wrong and explain it to me. The person who cared for me the most was only my father, never once did he lose faith in me and told me to give up. Not only has he made a significant influence in my life but he has also became my most respected and important person that I love very much.

      My mother had left my father and me behind when I was very young to pursue her dreams in America. To fill in the void in my heart, he became both my mother and father. Although it was hard for him he never complained or mistreated me in any single way, he showered me with all his love. He worked three jobs and everyday after he came home he had to take care of me, but he never showed how stressful he was because he did not want me to worry and give me a better future. Soon being a motherless child it no longer bothers me because I realized that my father was all that I need.

      When I was seven years old, I had a high fever and my father was very worried about me, even though he just got home from work and was tired and exhausted but he still brought me to the hospital and stayed with me for the whole night without getting any rest. Although he was strict towards me I realized that he loves and care about me more than I can imagine. I also realized later on that the reason why he was so strict towards me was because he wanted me to have a better life than he has and for me to have a better education so my opportunities in life wouldn’t be limited.

      He always encouraged me and helps me to study better. When I was younger I wasn’t the type of person who liked to study, but my father always told me to try and made me study and do my homework. I never really listen to him...


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