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Homework Should Be Given Out

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Resolution: teacherse should be allowed to assign homework. Teacherse don’t assign homework because they want to, they assign it because they have to. Mr. Ball once said that it would be impossible for him to teach his grade 12 psychic classes without homework, so why are we even arguing against it when entire courses are so dependant on it? Homework greatly eases time constraints on curricular material that can be covered in class. Generally the whole class time is based on teaching a key concept that’s it, though, there is not enough time for students to apply that knowledge. Homework provides that opportunity to get valuable hands on experience on the subject. It also presents new problems that weren’t discussed in class, which the students then need to solve using the key concept. This develops problem solving skills as well as solidifies the students’ knowledge on the subject. Homework will generally take about an hour and a half every day, which isn’t much considering that we have about 8 or more hours of time to waste. There are 196 school days in a year, at an hour and a half a day we do a total of 294 hours of homework. Imagine if we didn’t have homework that is almost 300 additional hours of school that we need to attend, which means shorted holidays and longer school days, something that no one wants to deal with. Homework also teaches us many valuable life skills that we will use for the rest of our lives. Firstly, homework establishes work habits. Every day after school we sit down and force ourselves to do our homework even with all the distractions surrounding us. When we get older and we have more important projects we will be able to just sit down and do them, because that is what we have been doing ever since grade 6, without homework, however, if we had to finish a project we wouldn’t be able to just sit down and do it, more than likely we would just end up in front of the TV. Secondly, homework teaches time management skills, as we have to...


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