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Holiday Homework

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ENGLISH: Make a project on ‘Saki’ H . H. Munro. Write about any one of the following. (a) his work
(b) any short story of his that you like
(c) critical analysis of that story
Note : this is to be done in English notebook.

HINDI: समास तथा उसके भेदों की प्रस्तुति आकर्षक रूप में चार्ट के द्वारा कीजिये. 
१. उदाहरण सहित समास की परिभाषा
२. समास के छः भेद - अव्ययी भाव , तत्पुरुष , कर्मधारय , द्विगु , द्वंद्व , बहुप्रीही समास .

MATHS: Draw a bar graph showing marks obtained by you in first in five main subjects.
This graph is to be paste in Maths notebook.

SCIENCE: Make a model of human ear. (Student must be able to explain various parts shown and working of human ear using the model)
To make any musical instrument using house hold materials. (Sound can be produced due to vibrations in strings, skin, and water or air columns. Students must be able to explain variation in frequency and amplitude in the given instrument).

SOCIAL SCIENCE:FA 3 ACTIVITY 1 - Make a project on ‘Architecture during British Rule (Buildings made by only Britishers) in India’. This project is to be done in project folder.

2. Prepare for MCQ of chapter 6 colonization and urban change.

FRENCH: Make 15 sentences using prepositions along with relevant images on A4 sized sheet.

SANSKRIT: १. उत्तर पुस्तिका में कोई दो चित्र लेखन कीजिये. 
२. श्लोक कंठस्थ कीजिये. 
GERMAN: Make a chart of conjugations of the verbs given below ( any 10)

Sein, haben, trinken, fahren, kommen, essen, finden, machen, lesen, sehen, spielen, kaufen, kochen, finden, geben.


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