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Role of Religion in the Fight Against Indiscipline

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How many times have you filled a glass full of water only to drink half of it and dump the rest out and have you ever jumped into the shower and stayed in until the water ran cold.

Mr.chairman, honorable judges, ladies and gentleman

What do all of these questions have in common except for the fact that im guilty of them all, its water something in this country I feel we all take advantage of.

I never thought having clean fresh running water was such a privallage until the subject came up in my social studies class and what started out as a small project turned into to something much bigger and more eye opening then I could ever imagine.

It all began when my teacher started reading to the class about Ethiopians and how they dont have fresh drinking water she read women and children had to walk up to 6 hourse just to get some sort of drinking water, which was usually found in shallow unprotected ponds that were shared with animals.

    Now can you imagine yourself walking up to 6 with 40 pounds of water on your back.   After hearing these facts I couldnt help but wonder what the assignment was going to be because to tell you the truth I though everyone had free acess to clean drinking water.   It was then she assigned us the project the project was we had to think of a question and answer involving water with a partner.

    My partner and I had many questions but it seemed no matter how hard we tried we couldnt find enough information to do a complete presentation on, we ended up going back and doing more research and what we found out was shocking for example in Ethiopia in the ast 20 years they have been experiencing reaccuring droughts and during those times of droughts water related diseases are rampant and what water they did have left either got dried up or heavily contaminated by enviromental wastes.

    Can you imagine being told you couldnt have that glass of water you just dumped out or not being able to have that long hot shower, I...


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