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"friends are people your comfortable with, but family are people your most comfortable with" - Nntien


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What you see is not always what you get! | |
|It is said that beauty is skin deep, it's a fact no one can deny. But we live in a superficial world and the way you present         | |
|yourself to the world is exactly how it will take it. Looks are definitely important, but not over how important over one's         | |
|personality and persona.                                                                                                             | |
|A Girl could be a perfect 10, but if she's dumb and stupid she aint getting a job just on the basis of her looks. In fact the beauty| |
|contests these days also judge you not just on your beauty, but they see how well rounded a person you are.                         | |
|Looks are important but not in terms of your features or your body. Its all about your style your personality. It's about how       | |
|confidently can you carry yourself around in different situations among different people. A pleasing dress sense and knowing what   | |
|suits you best can enhance your personality.                                                                                         | |
|A well groomed person, with good etiquettes and careful personal hygiene is more likeable than a rude pretty young thing. A         | |
|compassionate person with the right attitude towards life is liked by one and all. If your personality is good then it will         | |
|automatically make you look better on the outside.                                                                                   | |
|In the corporate world, many times it is seen that although two persons having the same background and experience, the more         | |
|presentable one is often selected over the other. Its not about the looks, but how well you can represent their company with all     | |
|your confidence. Corporates prefer their employees to be well dressed and groomed as they are the face of the company, and their     | |
|well groomed...


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