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Real Beauty

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 When the word “Beauty” is typed in the google search bar, many different sides pop up in the results. Make up advertisements, weight loss products, women’s magazines, and the list goes on and on. All ways to modify the way a person looks in order that they can become more attractive or appealing. The world is infatuated with achieving perfection. Society is heavily influenced by what they encounter in the media through television, fashion, and magazines. Glamour and Cosmopolitan hold the secrets to perfection within their pages by making their readers strive to look perfect in the eyes of the society. The ultra thin models that flaunt their extremely small bodies and appear in the media are influencing society incorrectly. The media is ruining the image of real beauty. The fashion industry is poisoning the minds of young women and society. This poison destroys the perception of beauty and self-image in the minds of others. Beauty is who a person is as an individual, imperfect, not an ultra thin, airbrushed model in a fashion tabloid.
 The perception of beauty has greatly transformed over generations. In the early 1600s large curvy women were considered the most beautiful in contrast to todays stick small waists. Women wore their hair mounds up on their heads along with elaborate wigs and curly pieces, they wore their hair in amazing shapes and styles. But this perception of beauty is not without its imperfections. Women kept the same style for a little more than a week because it took the stylists more than a few hours to accomplish such a beautiful creation. Also the women slept sitting up to avoid damage to their treasured locks. But the most imperfect aspect of this beauty trait was the unsanitary conditions that attracted lice and rodents to this style. Later in the eighteenth century, women wore satins and silks but despite their appearance they literally stunk. Women of that time used perfumes to cover up existing soils and scents, therefore making...


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