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The Crucible-Power Being Misused

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While justice is meant to be administered with upmost fairness and equality Arthur Miller’s play, The Crucible, demonstrates that this does not always succeed, and in many circumstances the forces of injustices are exposed.
Those allotted to administer justice often misuse their power resulting in a lack of justice. The judges in the court of Salem do not deliver justice fairly and therefore failed to protect the individuals of Salam and instead where blinded by their personal jealousies, vengeance, fear and greed.
Judge Danforth is a character that believes in theocracy and is convinced that the legal system will bring about truth and justice. He decides to use Abigail's insubstantial evidence and therefore obstructs the course of justice. He believes himself to be doing the right thing, quote "I speak god’s law", although he is unaware that he is condemning innocent victims. He does not investigate the issue any further even when John and Mary provide him with evidence that the accusations are false. This proves his fear of society’s judgement and his willingness to seem well-informed on the subject despite the fact that many lives will be sacrificed due to his stubbornness and inconsequential fear.
Corruption in the justice system emphasises that the justice system is false.
In “The Crucible”, justice failed to protect the innocent, as individuals of Salam used the witch trials to make wild accusations against their neighbours for their own personal gain. The emotion of greed and jealousy is mainly shown through the Putnam family in their everlasting quest to gain more land, and to settle old grievances. Thomas Putnam takes advantage of the witch trials and is quick to accuse people so he can take over their land. "This man is killing his neighbours for their land!" effectively describes the feeling of disgust the citizens of Salem have for Putnam. He starts arguing about the boundaries of his land as he tries to drag John Proctor into a witch scandal....


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