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Three Benefits of Wearing Uniform

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How many of you woke up in the morning, looked in your closet and thought to yourself “what am I going to wear to school today?” A lot of students did it because they don’t have to wear uniform. They take long time to make up their minds on what to wear to school. Imagine that if you have uniform, you will not waste you little time in the morning to think about what to wear. Here is an example of school uniform advantage that will help you keep up your mind to follow my presentation.

Now, I would like to show you the three benefits of wearing uniform.
First, fewer distractions. According to Hunt-Brown in the article “Uniforms: Are they a good fit?” Students spend less time talking about everyone’s dress. School uniforms help students focus on learning, not each other’s clothing because everyone looks the same. Moreover, uniforms help to reduce peer pressure. Differences in economic status are not conspicuous because students dress in uniform. That reminds them that their job is to be students. Teacher can teach and students can learn. So school uniforms are more conducive learning environment for students because of less distraction on fashion.
Second, less violence. According to Anderson, “if everyone in school dress alike, there will be less violence” A case study of the effects of school uniforms in Long Beach, California which appeared in Psychology Today in September 1999 reported that overall the crime rate dropped by 91%. Requiring students to dress alike could send the message that they are all the same team. They should be less likely to commit acts of bullying or other kinds of violence against one another. As a result, it will reflect good behavior to school and increase school reputation. So students are proud of their school and more respectful to school and teachers.
Third, cost saving. Students don’t have to spend money to buy nice clothes to wear to school. According to Walmsley, the cost of school uniforms can be less than buying multiple...


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