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Bob Goes to School

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My story of shit god damn sex and touretteess ay by

I needs to write two undred fifty some odddd words ayy   words ay by, whatta ya at skip, oh my nerves needs an udder couple undred yet ayyy that won’t be long going with these tipsy fingers fingers dough ayy by like I still needs two hundred or sumpin seeeeee. One two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve thirteen fourteen oh me nerves this is annoying skip by ay by yes by no by. yeahhhh man fuck mann. Im some dum,b luh. Got to join some damn ting by writing a hessay . I souhld just be able to jin for fuck sakes. Jesus jesus jesus jesus god damn fuck. I NEEDS A DRINK. A BIG STIFF DRINK. Oh mon dieu c’est juste stupide. Fuck shit god damn suckin balls suckin balls, cunny fuck cunny fuck. I heard of dis feller right. Went down on ‘e’s missus ay, and when he was heatin er   hout ee got a cunny hair in is mouth ey skip bah, he said dasss alright my dear, ill just swalley dat one no trouble only anouddter couple of words to go ritght now ee and its good because I diot need to fix any of my spelling mistakes which is really fgoood because I m not very smart see by , cause i got my braibn cells fried with me booxze and with me sdope tyw undred and forty seven words! Ohhh two fidfty!


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