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As a Student What Are My Expectations of Contribution from a Corporate in Helping You Become More Employable?

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'As a student what are your expectations of contribution from a corporate in helping you become more employable?'
Competing in this new world of competition and getting employed is not a very simple task. With so many emerging concepts and technologies, acquiring the right skills is the foremost need of today. One thing is assured that the dependency on technology will be higher in the times to come. So, each and every student must make himself/herself acquainted with the best of everything that is required from a professional in his/her work. To achieve this, the corporate world can play a very vital role in contributing towards making students aware of the current market trends. A lot can be done by them in order to make students easily employable in this fast paced 21st century. But the question is “Why the corporate should move in to make the students employable?” A simple answer to this question is that the corporate can make the students understand what the industry actually demands from them, once they are employed. They are the ones who can show the students the transition of their lives from being a student to an industry professional in the best possible way. Talking specifically about India, students here are not really exposed to the actual industry working conditions till the time they are employed. Here, more emphasis is laid on theoretical knowledge in institutions rather than practical experiences, a major drawback. An exposure to the work, a person is expected to do, once employed must be imparted to the students at an early level so that the students have an insight of where, how and what they are going to do in future. To ensure high employability, they must be aware of the latest cutting edge technologies. Another important factor includes excellent soft skills, the way the people communicate in the corporate world. Every student must be given a chance to work in a team as being a good team player is another very important factor for...


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