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Universities Should Offer More Challenging Courses for Students

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The purpose of an institution that calls itself a “university” is to produce graduates exposed to a variety of learning experience. A true university should make effort to mold its students into well-rounded people that are well prepared for future career or future study. To achieve this, universities must provide challenging courses for several reasons.

In the first place, dedicated students always want to learn as much as possible. Providing more challenging courses means providing students chances to get access to more knowledge.   In tough classes, students can develop better study skills and realize their potentials. Taking myself as an example, I remember once I doubted when I was confronted with a course named Introduction to Biology. Lots friends of mine suggested me to give up, saying this kind of science course is too difficult for us students in journalism. However, I insisted on my own decision to study it and finally got a fairly good grade with my own hard work. Though it was not an effortless journey, I harvested with surprises of knowledge in a new subject during the process of study.

Secondly, tuition fee is expensive; students and their parents expect students to learn from university than they could learn by just studying on their own with a few books; thus they feel they have “gotten their money’s worth” if the college offers more challenging courses.

Thirdly, if the courses are easy, students may assume the value of the course is much less , thus they will pay less attention to learn. More challenging courses will attract students’ attention and maintain their interest and enthusiasm.

Lastly, trying challenging courses itself is a challenge. Grade is not everything. One may not get great grade in a comparatively more challenging courses, but he or she can learn more than just knowledge. It needs courage and confidence. You need to concentrate on the courses in order to make a good performance. After finishing the class, one can gain...


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