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Academic Challenges Faced by Student

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Academic challenges are anticipated by many but not all students entering college. Most students understand that college will be difficult and hard than high school but many do not realize exactly what those difficulties will be. College is significantly different from high school. Pascarella and Terenzi (1991) argued that most of the students, the transition to university class room requires an adjustment of the academic habit of their expectations. Students will find that there is a lot of academic work, lecturers use different teaching style than those at high school, adjusting to new teaching methods and ways of learning, dealing with a large volume of work load and also understanding the different type s of assignments.

Student will now find that   the is now a lot of academic work and the different learning and teaching style than like those at high school .Beder`s (1997)found that first year students had difficulties in adjusting to the different styles of learning and   teaching styles at university compared to high school. As a first year at university most thing changes and one faces challenges in adjusting and overcoming these .At high school the was less work being given to the student than at university were a student may fail to cope with the volume of work being given to the student .There are news are different type of assignment, inclasses and presentations on which one will be tested on during the semester unlike at high school.

At high school there was a tendency of studying in pair or more .This had to change on arrival to university   .Thus the challenge was on learning how to study independently .At university there is large volumes of work that need to be done independently like assignment and inclasses . Many people don’t know how to study and thus having a problem in studying. Samuel Johnson (1987) .The reason why the authors, don’t write books in groups because in academics there more falling than standing when united.

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