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Money and Time

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Money is man’s dearest possession. He will think a thousand times before parting with it. Money can buy almost every material comfort and security which is again an integral part of life. In the same way careful use of time can make our future. It can lead us to the Golden Gate of achievement, satisfaction and progress while misusing time can drag us down to a sad, where life is meaningless. As you saw so shall you reap. How many precious lives and promising careers have been wasted and ruined only because they cared more for the false pleasures of the world and in the process they missed the track that would have led them forward. Perhaps the negative thoughts weakened them mentally and they lost the war even before it began. Bad thoughts cultivate bad habits that lead us to bad places. Acquaint us with bad people constitutes the losers who may win some of the battles in life out of sheer chance but they are bound to lose the war unless they realise the value of time and use it wisely. The other category constitutes the winners who will win the ultimate war even if they lose some of the battles in it.

Their wise investment in good thoughts, good books and good friends pays them rich dividends. Using time wisely will ring out the old and false and ring in new and nobler modes of life. It can lead us to the paradise of excellence and satisfaction as is evident from the lives of great men and women who left their “footprints on the sands of Time’. Be they artists, scientists, sportsmen, businessmen or administrators-they excelled in their chosen fields because they realized the value of time. Procrastination, laziness, sluggishness are terms alien to their hearts. They believe in 100% contentment. Thorns of failure, betrayal and losses pricked them at every turning but they did not lose heart and persevered till they got the coveted crown. They are all geniuses of our times-who have an infinite capacity of taking pains at their task to the exclusion of everything...


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