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get better grades Hunters In The Snow Analysis
Home Page»Miscellaneous Research PapersHunters In The Snow Analysis
Tobias Wolff's "Hunters in the Snow" is a short story about three hunters named Frank, Kenny and Tub. The three men go hunting in the same location they have hunted for the past two years, where they failed to spot anything in the years before. Many different events take place on this trip. Kenny and Frank spot tracks that lead them to posted property; they receive permission to hunt on the land but loose the tracks. Kenny shoots the owner's dog and then threatens Tub. Out of fear, Tub shoots Kenny. In some cases, we discover information about the characters by direct character presentation. This is when we are told straight out what they are like. In other cases, we are forced to obtain information about the hunters through indirect character presentation which occurs when we are shown a character's personality through their actions. Tub is presented as an overweight man with a gland problem. Later we learn he is overweight because he enjoys eating. Direct and indirect presentation plays
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get better grades a huge role in the reader getting to know Tub.
A good example of indirect character presentation takes place when Tub is trailing Frank and Kenny on the way back to the truck. "He sat down on a stump and wiped his face. He ate both the sandwiches and half the cookies, taking his own sweet time."(89). This takes place after the men take time to eat lunch and Tub eats a hard boiled egg and a stick of celery and claims to be on a diet. This is important...


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