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Hurricane - Essay 2

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Setting in the front of my yard, I was holding a paper and a pencil in my hands, not knowing what to write. I felt demoralize and perturbed not knowing what to do. The sun was drifting slowly to the west. The temperature was modest. The wind was blowing but not hard enough to move the trees that stood still, in preparation for another night. As I sat there, my attention was drawn by a lovely sound that was coming towards me from a little distance, this sound wasn't an ordinary one and it was filled with melodious notes and was in harmony. In desperation, I stood up and was frantically searching for the primary source of this overwhelming sound. I look towards my neighbor's house but it wasn't there, I look towards the bushes but I was unsuccessful too, by this time I was wondering if it was just in my head.
"Peep! Peep!" The sound of my mother's vehicle rang in my ears as she approaches our house, "we are going to the park, so go and get dress",
"I am not a baby, why am I going to the park."
"Don't worry! There will be a young people association day, that will be hosting a lot of activities including competition etc, but you don't have come". Mother are you serious? I have to be there, I said to myself. As the conversation ended, I scurried off to the bathroom in anxiety and delight.
Looking through the window, the sun was up. It was visible and the wind was increasing drastically, giving the tress a hard time to stand firm. Birds that were located at high altitude were enjoying the potent wind that lift, swerve and throw them about in the air. Hurriedly I dash out of the bathroom. Into the bedroom, without hesitation I pulled on my apparel. Wait a minute! Don't I have an international game to play today? I said to myself. "Mom"! I called out.
"Yes Daron", she replied.
"I have a big football game today, I can't come with you". She went into her vehicle and started the engine, "are you coming?" She asked. I looked at her in uncertainty and then went...


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