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The Origin of Tithing

The comments in the post “Is Tithing an Old Testament Law especially that of Greg about two months ago is long but much welcome. Responding in brief will not justify the lengthy comment because it touched on so many things (Fitzmyer, 2006). It deserves rather a response that addresses all the issues rose which in the end became a long one which makes it necessary to break it into manageable parts. The response divided in five parts which given in installment because the explanations are lengthy in order to treat the comments more fully. (Gimmer, 2007)
Therefore, a holy thing such as tithing can only come from God Himself whose purpose is not to oppress or put such a burden to man and make him sink lower and lower but to bring him from his lowly sinful condition to that condition that will fit him for the company of the angels in heaven. So that only a heart renewed by the grace of God can certainly give back to God that which God claims as His own, with the real motive. (Grena, 2004)
In this study let us look at a subject that many are not aware of, this is one teaching that is most crookedly misinterpreted and taught in the churches. The so called ministers of the Church use this as a very powerful means to mint money and support their lavish life style. Today the church has become a den of thieves, just like in the days of Jesus our Lord, the Temple in Jerusalem had become the den of thieves, and our Lord took the whip to cleanse it and that is what He will do, if He walks into any church. The so called church with their big advertisements and programs are not The Church but are clubs for people to socially mingle.

The origin of Tithe
The Hebrew word used in Genesis 14:20 translated “tithe” is maaser or ma’asar which came from the word “asar”. The Hebrew word used in Leviticus 27:30 – 33, Malachi 3:9, 10 and 2Chronicles 31:5 are maaser. The use of this word has a connection with the service of the temple as also that...


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