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Dbz: Super Saiyan

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The ability to become a Super Saiyan was once considered to be a myth, because it had not been performed for over a thousand years until Son Goku accomplished it when he was fighting Freeza on Planet Namek. Though it was a legend, it, along with the saiyans constantly growing power, made Freeza, who was considered to be the strongest being in the universe at the time, feared the saiyans enough to destroy Planet Vegeta in the hope that the Super Saiyan legend would never be fulfilled.
The only certain condition to transcend initially to the Super Saiyan level is that a saiyan must be pure of heart, usually fiercely enraged, and of sufficient power. Any other conditions are unknown. As saiyans trained during the Z series, they discovered levels beyond Super Saiyan never seen before, completely unheard of. The appearance of a Super Saiyan is different in each form, more so in the fourth and final form.
In the main series, all male saiyans still alive after the Freeza Saga, with the exception of Radditz and Nappa (both of whom were are full-blooded Saiyans), manage to reach at least the first level during the course of the series.
Standard Form
The Saiyans are a race of warriors who were born on "Planet Vegeta". They have the appearance of a human with the exception of a tail. Full blooded Saiyans are born with a specific hairstyle that cannot be changed. Half-blooded Saiyans are able to change their hairstyle.Their demeanor is typically characterized with a desire to engage in battle.
They initially shared their homeplanet with a race known as the Tsufuru whom were more advanced technologically. Eventually the Saiyans dominated the planet and absorbed the technology of the Tsufuru into their culture. The character known as Freeza used the Saiyans as a weapon to dominate planets throughout the galaxy.
All full blooded Saiyans are born with the tail previously mentioned, it is unclear whether half-blooded Saiyans are always born with a tail. Those that are born...


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