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The Beach - Essay

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The Beach

A new day had begun.

The Sun finally appeared in the cold dark sky which now had become like a Persian rug. Intense colours fill the sky with warmth; pink grapefruits, zesty lemons, citrus oranges and cherry reds derailed in the sky.

The sea so delicate sparkled preciously brushing up against the seashore. Looking far into the distance I could see the sparkled waters that stretched out far into the horizon getting darker and deeper but still very calm.

As though walking on a land of gold, the sand so soft, so smooth glistens as it reflects the sun rays with joy of its company.

Birds sang like an orchestra. Even they understood that something special was happening.   The cool, slow wind rustled the leaves. I could feel the warm sea breeze touching my skin.

People walked around, talking softly and quietly. Kids chased the dog that ran like it’s the last time he will ever do it. Elderly people sat on their beach chair waiting to enjoy another hot day of tanning.

Behind me, rock mountains surrounding the beach. The bar on the beach is still not opened. Waitresses in short skirts and yellow bikini top are sweeping the wood floor. The sound of it sounds like a rhythm which everyone was following.

I turned around I saw a women, dark long red hair, not too tall, wearing a white short skirt with pink vest. It didn’t look like she knew anybody as well. For a second I though I might speak to her but then my mind got blank.

The sun was even higher in the sky. The sky pure light blue, not even a little cloud that could disappoint this entire people. Airplanes were crossing the sky, but even they looked like they would prefer to be on the beach.

I could see more people coming.
It was double the people that were here from before. I could smell the coffee and doughnuts that were just made. It got louder now. The sun is sparkling even more and you can barely open your eyes to see what is going on around you.

Looking the other way around...


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