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The Fuchun Painting

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The   Fuchun Painting

                                          -----Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains----

                                        by Shengjie Huang and edited by H. J. West

Preface:   660 years ago a painting was created that that was admired in its own time has survived several centuries, conflict, and foibles, and is admired and valued yet in modern times.   The painting’s survival is a miracle in its own rite as well as its beauty carried into this century.   This painting could even serve to foster friendship between countries.

There was a famous painter in China during the Yuan Dynasty, called Huang Gongwang.   He lived in the Zhejiang Province near the Fuchun River. The landscape there is marvelous. He liked to travel there and sightsee, and he enjoyed it very much.   He was intelligent but liked both, drinking and painting.   In 1347 Huang, 78 returned to his home town near the Fuchun River.   He and his friend, Wu Yong traveled along the river and marveled over the beautiful sights again and Wu Yong suggested to him to paint it.   Finally, Huang began the task, but he did not paint continuously; he only painted when his inspiration came to him.   He continued to travel until 3-4 years had passed, but the painting was still not complete.   He carried it in his luggage and painted when he was free. Finally, he finished the painting when he reached his eighty second birthdays.   His friend   Wu Yong wanted this painting and asked Huang to write some words which showed this painting was only for him, but Huang instead wrote; “The painting took 3-4 years, I hope those who know its worth will keep it safe.”

After the painting was given to his friend Wu Yong Huang died four years later.   Then after 100 years had passed, Huang’s friend Wu Yong also died, but the painting was still kept safe.

A famous painter, Shen Zhou in the Ming dynasty, acquired it at the age of 62, and was so captivated by the marvelous...


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