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Christmas Carol

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Similarities and Differences of the Three Versions of the Christmas Carol
The book A Christmas Carol, The Muppets version, and the George C. Scott all three versions of the original Christmas Carol have many similarities, in regards to the story line, characters, and much more. The similarities of all three are, they all have the same main characters, such as Scrooge, Marley, Tiny Tim, Bob Crachit, ghost of Christmas past, ghost of Christmas present, ghost of Christmas yet to come, and many more other main characters. Another similarity was that when Bob asked Scrooge for Christmas day off, Scrooge let him have Christmas off. The   next similarities are, all three versions have ghost of Christmas past, ghost of Christmas present, and ghost of Christmas future, Tiny Tim does not die in any of the three versions, at the end, Scrooge buys Bob Crachit and his family the prize turkey in the window, Bob toasts to Scrooge at their meal, Tiny Tim says god bless us all every one of us, Scrooge says, well if they shall die, they better do it and decrease the surplus population, The ghost of Christmas yet to come doesn’t talk and lets Scrooge figure out everything for himself, Scrooge becomes a changed man at the end of all three versions, and is very happy and merry and is a giving, loving man, at the parties they all play a game, Scrooge’s wife breaks up with him and she says her reasoning is because he loves his money more than he loved her, The ghost of Christmas present is very happy and jolly and grows old quickly, ghost of   Christmas past makes scrooge angry when they show Scrooges wife calling off the engagement, ghost of Christmas future is very creepy and mysterious, Scrooge raises Bob Crachit's salary, Marley’s face showed up on the door, Marley said to scrooge that he will be haunted by three ghosts, Marley had chains on him, they all have narrators that narrate   the story through out the movie or book, and Scrooge always said Christmas was a bu-hum-bugggggggg!!!...


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