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One to One Laptop Programs in High Schools

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  1. They Are Continually Learning. They continually expand their competence, their ability to do things. They discover that the more they know, the more they realize they don’t know. As their circle of knowledge grows, so does its outside edge of ignorance.
  2. They Are Service Oriented. Life is a mission, not a career. They think of others; they have a sense of responsibility, of service and contribution.
  3. They Radiate Positive Energy. They are cheerful, pleasant and happy. Their attitude is optimistic, positive and upbeat. Their spirit is enthusiastic, hopeful and believing. When they come into contact with strong negative energy people, they either neutralize or sidestep them.
  4. They Believe in Other People. They realize that behavior and potential are two different things. Principle Centered Leaders don’t overreact to negative behaviors, criticism or human weakness. They don’t carry grudges and they are not encouraged by the weakness of others. They believe in unseen potential. This helps to create a climate of growth and opportunity.
  5. They See Life as an Adventure. Their security lies in their initiative, resourcefulness, creativity, willpower, courage, stamina and native intelligence rather than in safety, protection, risk avoidance and abundance of their comfort zone.
  6. They Are Synergistic. The whole is more then the sum of its parts. They are change catalysts; they are amazingly productive in new and creative ways. Delegation and empowerment for results is easy and natural for them because they believe in the strength and capacity of others. 3rd alternatives are the result of synergistic behavior.
  7. They Exercise Self Renewal. They exercise the four dimensions of the human personality: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. They encourage and allow others to do the same....


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