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Why I Desver to Graduate High School.

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      The financial needs that I see my community, my home, and my self needing are jobs, money, and education. I have seen people get laid off from their jobs. Especially teachers, the most important people in a student’s life. Through out my high school years I have seen my teacher get pink slipped, or watch them leave to a different school. This effects our education not only because are we use to the way they taught us in the past years, but as well because we are losing a great friendship. But financial needs do not only occur in schools, they also seem to happen in   many homes, an example is my mother she had to raise me on her own because my father was not mature enough to accept he had a drinking problem . My mother and I went through many struggles together. She did not have a job for about a year and three months. She struggled with paying bills and with buying the supplies we needed in our house. It was a hard time for my family because my mom thought we were going to lose our home. This situation has taught me that our education is a huge part of life. That we must change the world among ourselves.
      For my leadership project I took the time to tutor my little fourth grade neighbor that attends Parmalee Elementary school. The reason why I choose to tutor a little elementary student is because I wanted to show him I cared about other people’s education. As well as showing him why school is an extremely important part of our lives. Why he should learn how to stay out of trouble since a young age. To teach him the knowledge he will need for the next level of his life. Overall this project was to set a good image in why leadership is important in our lives and in our community, in how to change everything that is affecting us in school at home, to be able to find solutions to all the problems that are happening around us.
      My skills in school have improved since day one. I remembered when I started high school and I showed my teachers I...


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