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Euthansia Essay

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To kill somebody you love because they are suffering from a disease or to let them live and suffer horribly every day?   That is one of the hardest experiences somebody can ever go through.   Personally I pray that I will never have to go through such a tough choice.   If you kill them, you have to live with that on your conscious for the rest of your life.   But, if you let them live, you have to watch them suffer and struggle every day just to live to the next day.   “Cerebral palsy is a group of disorders that can involve brain and nervous system functions such as movement, learning, hearing, seeing, and thinking.”   (A.D.A.M. Medical Encyclopedia).   Tracy Latimer was only 12 years old when she suffered from Cerebral Palsy.   She couldn’t move, hear, see, or anything.   She was basically a human vegetable.   Her father, Robert, was supposed to take her to get an operation done.   Instead, he locked her in the car and let it run, which eventually led her to die from carbon monoxide poisoning.   He was convicted of second degree murder and was given a 10 year sentence.   Did Robert Latimer do the right thing?   Should he be looked at as a danger to society and a murderer? Or should people look at him as somebody that saved his daughters life?

Yes, Robert Latimer is unquestionably a murderer.   He took away the life of an innocent 12 year old girl who did not do anything wrong in her life.   She was not a threat to anybody.   All she did was take up air.   She couldn’t move, see, hear, or do anything.   Why kill her if she isn’t harming anybody? You can’t just take people’s lives away because you feel like they should die.   First of all, he didn’t even have his daughters consent.   If his daughter had told him that she doesn’t want to live anymore, and he went to a judge maybe it would have worked out differently.   Secondly, he could have ended her life in a much easier and non-gruesome way.   It didn’t even have to end up in death.   Robert could have given her...


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