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Acheving Goals

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Achieving Goals
Kayla Cartwright
SLS 1505-12m
Everest University

Achieving Goals
  1. What steps does your textbooks author recommend for achieving your short-term goals?
  2. What steps does your textbooks author recommend for achieving your long-term goals?
  3. Describe on an important decision in your academic or personal life that will have to make in the near future.
  4. Explain the reason for your decision and conclude with your best possible choice.

My textbooks author says that if you’re trying to achieve your short term goals that you need to identify the appropriate goals and also devising plans and strategies to achieve your goals. So in other words if you’re trying to achieve your short term goals your just setting goals to get finished through the day of the week and thinking of something to get them done. Pace yourself and make sure you got your goals right to achieve them. To achieve your long term goals your got to think a little a head like what I am going to do to finish school and pass it how am I going to get everything done with two kids oldest is 18 months youngest is a month. It’s not easy but I do my best to get finished on time sometimes I don’t but I try to make it up before I can’t have the chance. The book say to achieve them you need to begin with, you need to develop an in depth understanding of yourself: your talents, your interests, the things that stimulate you and bring you satisfaction. There are also others like your possibilities but your goals don’t stay the same your whole life they will change throughout life. I have had to make a lot of decisions that are towards my future first starting in high school. When I was in my freshman year of high school I didn’t care about it I has skipped school every day for like a month I would go to one class and then leave go to another class then leave I didn’t take it serious at all I didn’t care about it. When I was a freshman I didn’t think about life I fail all my...


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  1. Basic Critical Thinking
    • Mar 01, 2012 - Evaluator: (nectarine94)
    • I really felt you on your decision. I want to commend you just for stepping up and honestly recognizing and speaking the truth about the situation. I always say, "you must be real with self, before you can be real to someone else". That's the first priority, evaluating self and realizing and admitting to self inflicts.