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Lord of the Flies 

Imagine having to be flown away from your home because of a war. That is bad enough. But, then imagine your plane crashing on some deserted island on your way there. The pilot of your plane is dead and your stuck with approximately 20 other young boys like yourself. No adults! What are you going to do? This is the scenario in the movie "Lord of the Flies". 

At first all of the little boys come together and work together to figure out what they are going to do and how they are going to handle things. They are civilized little English school boys in the beginning. They go around and find out what everyone's name is. They get together in a meeting and vote a young boy named Ralph as the leader. Ralph is a quiet and well mannered little boy and he looks out for the best of everyone. Ralph believes indecency and civilization. Ralph has a follower nicknamed Piggy. Piggy is an overweight smart little kid. Ralph makes up rules like only one person talking at once and you have to raise your hands. Things like this that keeps order in the group. Piggy always backs Ralph up on his decisions. 

Things go well for a while, until they start believing that there is a beast that is on their island and is after them. The civilizations starts to change when Jack, a snotty sarcastic kid, takes a group to hunt for the beast. They start killing pigs and eating the meat. Things start to get out of control and they begin to paint their faces and sharpen spears. So, the group gets divided because more boys start to follow Jack because they have food even though they are crazy. Jack's group accidentally kills Simon, one of the younger boys. Piggy sticks with Ralph the whole time, even when they were the only ones left with some decency. Jack and his friends come and steal Piggy's glasses to start a fire and this makes Ralph mad. Ralph and Piggy go to regain Piggy's glasses and Jack's tribe makes a huge boulder fall on Piggy. They killed him. This leaves Ralph as...


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