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Why Blog?

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Have you ever had the insatiable desire of expressing your thoughts and emotions.At the same time you want the world to read   it, feel it and ultimately appreciate   it. The blog, as a matter of fact, is a fusion of the word Web and log. It provides a platform for an individual, be it anyone, to express his log of spontaneous expression of instant thoughts in form of writing a post that can be viewed by readers world over.

Boy if the likes of Shakespeare had been alive, he surely would have seen a blog as a perfect medium to express his genius. Blogs are   proving to be a new and quintessential postmodern platform that is giving people the freedom to express themselves in a way never conceived before. It allows the writer a hither to inexperienced sense of freedom of expression that is unparalleled and visceral.

You can express your feelings and have your catharsis even though it can be messy at times. One can also share on the Blog interesting information of any gene rs. In this way, taking into account that there are millions of people out there sharing information, the reader is left with a plethora of choices from which he can pick from. However, there is no guarantee of the writer credibility nor the verity and authenticity of the material posted.

Internet has become as necessary as oxygen and blogging is here to stay. So friends get hooked to blogging and capture the moment you live it through writing for living is not about the past or future, it is about 'here' and 'now'


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